Content Marketing Rookie to Super Hero in 12 Steps - #infographic

Content Marketing Rookie to Super Hero in 12 Steps - #infographic

Any modern marketing strategy will have some component of digital marketing.

With the amount of time spent by consumers on social media and the world wide web, it is only fitting to do so.

One big component of digital marketing is content marketing. This process sounds very simple and straight forward. Businesses create, publish and distribute content online so their target audience can see this valuable content.

Businesses may be trying to increase brand awareness, expand their customers, increase sales and bottom line through their content marketing efforts. The piece of content itself can be in various forms as in a blog post, web page, video, pictures, infographics, white papers, ebooks, email newsletters or podcasts.

Since it hardly costs any money to create simple content online there are many people doing it; some professional and some mediocre. Professional content creators are traditionally very good at promoting their content, they learn with experience and refine their strategy by removing the dead weight. After all, any marketing effort should be defined by the outcomes it produces.

Follow this infographic, created by SocialMediaMarketo, to get more than 50 content marketing ideas.

Content Marketing Rookie to Super Hero in 12 Steps - #infographic
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