Top SEO Audit Tools For Better Analysis Of Websites

Top SEO Audit Tools For Better Analysis Of Websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important aspect for the professionals who wish to boost their businesses over the internet. In the current scenario, every business has its own website to promote the related services. Websites are an important medium of advertisement for a number of businesses and thus it is important to analyze the true potential of your website. When we talk about the true potential of any website, we mean the number of audience it could attract to promote the services among general masses.

A number of SEO audit tools are there that could help in website analysis. These tools are exceptionally well as they help determine the volumes of traffic your website is getting. In addition to this, it helps in checking a number of other SEO related issues, which is of course a benefit for the person who is using the tool. In the list of exceptional tools, we are focusing on the prominent ones. These tools are generally used for SEO audit purposes and are exceptional in a number of ways. Here is more on these SEO audit tools.

Prominent SEO audit tools

1. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools offers you the insight on how Google watches your website. The tool is just wonderful to know what are the fundamentals that Google uses for ranking websites. Users can get the information on how Google sees a particular website. This will further help in troubleshooting the critical SEO issues that are responsible for lower ranking of websites. The information will further help to eliminate the issues that are responsible for bad ranking of the websites over the web.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google provides keyword planner for free. It is a tool that helps improve the traffic towards a website or any particular blog. The tools helps the users in offering a means to find the most suited keywords for any particular blog. The basic purpose of this tool is to help users determine how keywords have been used. It also offers information on the performance of a keyword. The tool can also be used to analyze how various keywords are performing for your competitors.

3. BetterGraph Website Analyzer

BetterGraph website analyzer is one of the most efficient tools to provide information on the keyword analysis. The tool is used by professionals in order to get information on a number of SEO related issues. The tool works by analyzing the website’s URL and then performing an overall keyword analysis. In order to help your business stand ahead of your competitors, this tool can do wonders. It offers a detailed report on the performance of any keyword. It additionally scores the website depending upon the keyword analysis insights.

4. Alexa Site Audit

Alexa site audit is an SEO tool that is useful for site owners in order to fix technical issues on their sites. Additionally, it gives suggestions and backlink reports that is based on Alexa data. In addition to providing a detailed report of keyword analysis, the tool also provides effective solutions to tackle the issues. Thus, the users get enough chance to rectify the mistakes that have been highlighted by the tool. The best part of this keyword analysis tool is that it offers a step-by-step guide to tackle the issues, which is of course beneficial for the users working with Alexa site audit.

5. WooRank

WooRank is an exceptional SEO auditing tool that is available for free as well as with paid versions. The tool is equally awesome to be utilized by website owners, in-house SEO groups as well as SEO enterprises. The tool is great in terms of monitoring the recommendations after the analysis of top web pages. The results are made available for the users to download either in PDF format or as slides. However, for generating large number of reports, users need to enroll into a paid account. This tool has been optimized for subscriptions and the cheapest plan initiates at $49 per month.

6. Screaming Frog

Being an impressive desktop program, Screaming Frog offers a detailed analysis of your website at once. Screaming frog is much more than an audit tool. It crawls deep into your website and provides information on a range of possible SEO problems. It is a complete site auditing tool that provides insightful information to the users in order to correct the flaws. It provides information on over 30 specific parameters including security, outlinks, anchor text, response time etc.

7. SEMrush

SEMrush is an outstanding tool for digital marketing purposes. It helps in tracking yours as well as your competitor’s keyword performance for providing entire information. It also helps users in managing the keywords that have less competition in addition to managing the overall keyword campaign. The tool also provides information on how a less competitive keywords should be managed in order to bring more visibility to a website.

8. SEO Report Card

SEO Report Card is one impressive audit tool that helps in analyzing the overall website performance and how your website is stacking up against competitors’ website. Right from rank analysis report to the insight information on link building, this SEO audit tool is just amazing to use for getting overall information. It also provides on-site analysis of the targeted keywords. Additionally, it also provides information on how many of your website pages have been indexed.

9. Marketing Grader

This tool is formally known as “Website Grader”. It check all that is there on your website and thus provides information on each of these segments. A thorough analysis of all these elements is then embedded to provide overall website performance. The free version of this tool provides unlimited audit options and therefore it is just exceptional to be used by website owners in order to do a complete analysis of the website in terms of performance.

10. MySiteAuditor

There are a number of reasons that make this tool an exceptional one. It offers an impressive analysis of the keywords and thus helps users to provide better ranking of their web pages on the web. The tool has one embedded option that helps users to generate a number of leads. With the free version of this tool, there is a chance for getting unlimited audits, which is of course a reason for using this exceptional tool.

Bonus infographic:

Top 10 Free Tools for Optimizing a Website

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Besides a number of other SEO audit tools, the ones that have been briefed here are just exceptional to be used for SEO audits by a number of website owners and digital marketers. All these SEO audit tools are outstanding when it comes to providing insightful information on the web page performance and keyword analysis for different websites.

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