The Business Value of UX Design - infographic

The Business Value of UX Design - infographic

With over 3 billion internet users today, the digital world has become an extremely crowded space — making it imperative for businesses to provide a top-notch digital experience in order to remain competitive.

A critical step in creating a digital experience that not only attracts users, but also provides real, tangible value to both them and the company begins with developing a seamless user experience (UX).

Ignoring the user experience or getting it wrong will cost your organization a lot of money down the line. In fact, fixing a UX error after development is up to 100 times more expensive than it would have been before development. Applying UX up front is not only much more cost effective, it’s less of a headache.

Investing in effective UX also impacts the bottom line by improving conversion rates and increasing revenue. Plus, it can be a great way to set your organization apart.

If companies don’t deliver a valuable experience to their users at every single moment, there are significant implications. This infographic from PointSource illustrates the long-term implications of ignoring the UX.
The Business Value of UX Design - infographic

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