9 Online Advertising Platforms to Drive More Traffic

10 Online Advertising Platforms to Drive More TrafficGetting customers is a priority task for every business owner. Smaller businesses are usually in a continuous search for potential resources that could bring in extra income.

We live in a digital world, so online advertising is becoming extremely popular. And the main reason for that is its profitability. Nowadays, TV and Radio Ads, are starting to lose their effects.

Compared to the traditional advertising methods, online advertising brings huge benefits such as a better audience targeting, and higher amounts of traffic and potential customers.

If you want to start using paid advertising, you should first choose the platforms you’ll be working with. In this article we will write about the most popular online advertising platforms, so you can choose the one which would be the best for your business.

1. Bing Ads

When you use Bing Ads, you are capturing a lot of traffic combined. So when you’re paying for your campaigns, your ads show up on Bing, Yahoo, and a lot of more associated smaller search engines.

Why Bing Ads?

It is reported that Bing advertising platform holds over 30% of the entire Internet’s search engine traffic.

It is cheaper than Google Ads. The cost per click (CPC) you’ll have to pay is going to make your campaigns profitable.

You can use 40 characters instead of 25 (Google). Your message can be a little bit longer and more convincing.

Tip: Try segmenting your Bing campaigns by splitting them into two categories: desktop and mobile. Analyze your stats and modify your campaigns accordingly. Trial and error until you find a working campaign that gives you a good ROI.

2. Google Adwords

As you probably know, Google is on top of things. It is the biggest player in the pay-per-click industry and proves to be extremely beneficial to many marketers and business owners.


Google Adwords has extremely helpful advertising tools and options:

Search Ads

This is the most common type of ads. You see them on the top of Google’s search after you perform it. Google usually offers 2 or 3 spots and several others on the right side of the page. You target specific keyword phrases and pay for each time someone clicks the ad.

Display Network

The display network allows you to place your ads on places outside of Google. For example, YouTube has a lot of places where ads can be shown. There are also a lot of third party users that rent their websites space. Google intermediates and sends the advertiser’s money to the webmaster and keeps a commission.


You know those cookies that keep popping up notifications? Well, Google places cookies on your visitors’ browsers. Even after they leave your website, there will be many times when your ads will be displayed on their web.

Tip: Each of these options is extremely useful. You have to figure out which one works best for you, and scale your efforts and investment.

3. Reddit Ads

Reddit is another under-appreciated source of potential traffic. It’s a very nice social network that is more for creative purposes. From pictures to paintings and design, Reddit includes a lot of “art” elements.


You can build your campaign by targeting users according to their interests rather than keywords or demographics.

You can get real-time feedback with the help of their useful feature. Whenever your ad is displayed, there’s a comment option which lets the user leave a reply or maybe a short review.

Extremely affordable rates. Creating a well structured campaign can lead into a very profitable investment.

4. Facebook Advertising

Facebook took the lead and has become the giant social network that everybody’s using. With Facebook, you can reach millions of people around the world!


Facebook Ads are similar to the CPC model, where you have to pay a sum for each time someone clicks the ad. Facebook brings something else: you can add images and videos around your text, so your ad can be way more effective.

On top of that, the platform automatically starts the videos and shows the images, when someone scrolls on his news feed, so you are getting a lot of FREE traffic. And you are not paying a dime for displaying them (only for clicking them).

You can target your audience according to demographics and interests. With Google and Bing, you were targeting the user’s behavior. This can prove to be a more precise way of advertising.

Tip: If you do Facebook advertising, choose a niche, recognize the perfect target audience, and promote to those people only.

5. Twitter Ads

Twitter is a giant social network that is still extremely used by people from the US; but not only. Twitter is the best real-time social network because everything happens fast. People tweet real time events faster than they do on Facebook or on any other social media platform.


Using Twitter ads does not necessarily mean that it has to lead sales. Instead, building a huge followers list is extremely beneficial for your business on a long term basis.

Creating brand awareness through Twitter is easier than ever. Tweets happen fast, and so does your brand’s exposure grow.

Tip: You should try to take advantage of the promoted trends section in order to obtain a good hash-tag of yours to trend. By doing so, you can get noticed by loads of people.

6. LinkedIn Ads

If you didn’t know what LinkedIn is about, let me explain it in short sentence: it is the place where professional individuals gather around and network. Connections, groups, jobs, and many other great advantages make LinkedIn a great place to be if you’re a dedicated professional.


LinkedIn has the biggest number of individuals who are dedicated and skilled in their work. These individuals are gathering around and start networking.

Just like the grand Facebook, LinkedIn advertising is based on demographics. This can improve the targeting and make your campaign more profitable.

You can easily get access to higher functions entities. You can speak to CEO’s, managers, HR, and so on.

7. StumbleUpon Ads

StumbleUpon Paid Discovery is a less popular paid advertising network. It is the best discovery engine out there. It works like this: you create a profile, select some preferences, choose your interests, and start stumbling across new websites according to your choices.


There’s a relatively low competition in terms of advertisers and marketers. You won’t have a lot of trouble finding untapped niches that wait to be exploited.

Extremely reasonable prices compared to the other social networks.

You get your content in front of people extremely fast. If they like it, they will stay, if they hate it, they will never come back and you lost them forever.

Tip: Try using the “Guaranteed Discovery” option in order to bypass the StumbleUpon quality score for the content you submit.

8. Media Buy

Media buying is the Internet’s version of ads space renting. Every website on the web has different places across their websites that allow the placement of several ads. Here’s how it works:

You pay website X a certain amount of money for implementing your ad image into their header. Doing so, all the traffic is exposed to your ad, you get your clicks, and the webmaster receives his part of the deal. It’s a win-win situation.

You can find media buying opportunities by registering to specific networks that deal with such things. Check out this resource and start reaching some networks.

9. Influencers Advertising

What you basically do is find popular persons around the web that have many followers. For example, a famous gamer that plays a certain game and has millions of people following him. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo; he could be your influencer for ten million dollars an ad. Joke, you may find someone cheaper :).

It has to be a person/business/brand that has media exposure and a large list of followers within specific interests.

You have to reach them through various networks: use LinkedIn, check for contact information on websites, and try using social media channels to reach them. Once you did, ask them to promote your ads.

You’ll be making a deal, and the influencer will push your business towards thousands or possibly millions of people. Depending on your budget, you should calibrate properly who you’re going to pay and what profit you would get.

Successful Paid Advertising Campaigns = PROFIT

If you thinking about paid advertising, you have plan carefully all of your campaigns. You can not afford to lose money, and negligence means lose of focus. Lose of focus leads to failure, and you don’t want that to happen. Trial and error till success is the most important principle you should remember.

Robert Morris is a digital marketing specialist and a freelance writer. Now he works as a blog editor at askpetersen.
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