4 Ways to Make Your Content More Tempting (infographic)

There’s effective content and then there’s ineffective content. It’s easy to publish the latter, but it’s becoming increasingly challenging to consistently publish the former. However, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to step up your game. You must be willing to dedicate a little more focus to your content marketing, though. Are you committed?

Four Tips for Making Content More Tempting
For years, leading brick and mortar companies have done a fantastic job of tempting shoppers via POP retail displays. From holiday-themed displays on the sales floor to checkout queues strategically lined with impulse items, retailers know a thing or two about how to attract customers. And while some of the top eCommerce companies are also skilled at engaging customers, most businesses still aren’t maximizing the opportunities facing them.

When it comes to content marketing, the key is to add some spice to your efforts. Instead of following the status quo, you need to tempt your customers with irresistible content that pushes them through the conversion funnel.

Here are a handful of relevant tips.

1. Brainstorm Better Headlines

The reality is that the majority of people who click on your article and share it won’t actually read past the first few paragraphs. In fact, many won’t even read a single word. Instead, they’ll base their entire opinion on the headline. So, if you’re looking at headlines as an afterthought, then you’re missing out on a chance to maximize the value of content.

According to research conducted by leading marketing companies, headlines do best when they use emotional words, inject action words, make bold claims, spark curiosity, and reference the reader with words like “you” and “your.”

2. Writer Stronger Calls

You also can’t afford for your calls-to-action to be afterthoughts. In order to enjoy a healthy return on your investment, these calls must be strategically developed and integrated into the article.

According to marketing expert Vaibhav Kakkar, there are five keys to creating irresistible calls-to-action. He says compelling calls-to-action are direct, unique, actionable, urgent, and natural. Focus on these attributes and you’ll enjoy better results.

3. Provide Value to the Reader

There’s a stark difference between publishing content that’s meaningful to your brand and publishing content that actually adds value to the reader. It’s imperative that you start focusing on tailoring content to the reader.

The ironic thing about an unselfish approach to content marketing is that it ultimately comes back to benefit the brand. While you may feel like you aren’t focusing enough on your own needs, you’ll eventually see a tangible return when customers begin to trust your brand and act upon your content.

4. Use Multimedia Elements

In 2016, it’s more important than ever that you create a diverse content marketing strategy that includes a variety of mediums. Specifically, you need to integrate multimedia elements into your plan.

In addition to writing standard blog posts, you should look into things like podcasts, videos, infographics, memes, and even live streaming social media. The more visual elements you’re able to use, the deeper you’ll be able to penetrate your target market. Visual elements are exponentially more shareable and have a longer “shelf life” than standard blog entries or news articles that tend to die immediately after initial circulation.

Bonus infographic:

Why Your Content Sucks And How You Can Make It Exceptional

infographic: Why Your Content Sucks And How You Can Make It Exceptional

courtesy: venngage.

Give Some Flavor to Your Content
Nobody likes boring content. In a world that’s oversaturated with blog posts, press releases, videos, and social media posts, boring content stands virtually no chance of gaining traction. If you genuinely want to see results, it’s time to give your content an overhaul and make it more tempting.
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