15 Easy Ways to Create Quote Graphics for Social Media

15 Easy Ways to Create Quote Graphics for Social Media

Are you creative and want to share your art with everyone? Expressing yourself had become much easier nowadays than it was before, and one of the most popular ways of self-expression in our days are photos or pictures designed in a unique and engaging ways with the help of fun filters, elements of design and, of course, interesting quotes! Quote graphics became extremely popular in social media networks. Posting such quotes accompanied with unusual design will not only tell people around you who you are, but also, they will surely boost users’ activity at your blog, Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account, etc. Where to start? If you want to become a new influencing blogger and tell the world about your art, thoughts and beliefs, this article will open some secret weapons for creating quote graphics that will help you to stand out from the crowd.


This one can be used on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram; the app has a great selection of over 100 layouts, and you will encounter no difficulties with its use because clear visual instructions are provided. It will take you several minutes to create awesome pictures! You can choose something from their templates or download your own image. There is a range of features like customizing image sizes, if you need it, do it before clicking on any of templates.


This application is extremely easy in use. To create a new image you paste or type the text, add the name of a person who said it and choose the background that you want to use for it. Pin and save the image to your PC. Quozio has a really wide selection of various images to choose from.


PicMonkey is another great application available for free; it is great for creating graphics and images, as well as for editing photos. There is really lots of great stuff to choose from. A paid version of this application is available for those looking for more features, so this one is worth your attention.


Use it for transforming your quotes and notes into an outstandingly designed image. There is a selection of more than 40 typography styles. You can get your image displayed in muted earth tones, neon colors, and other ways; all images can be saved in a gallery feed and it is only up to you when you wish to share it.


This application is used by many people; it is great for adding incredible artwork and typography. You can also apply awesome filters and photo effects. Among other features that are available for you are a great range of shapes, textures, light FX, patterns, borders to make an outstanding image with quotes and share it to your social networks!


This application can be used for Pinterest and others platforms. It is easy for creating images from websites, writing quotes, sticking reminders, and uploading your own image. It has six different styles and fonts for quotes. Other features like sharing music and choosing your location are also available.


It has to offer an enormous number of font designs and it is also possible to use your own background graphics if you wish. The only one disadvantage of this application is that lots of people use it and you may often recognize who exactly does from their posts. Still, the wide range of designs allows choosing rare options.


If you wish to find an application for watermarking, branding or adding a caption to your images, then you should use this one. It has lots of advantages. All you need is to upload your picture, choose color and font, and add your text - it is done, now you can pin it and save it to your computer and share when you wish.


Phonto is a simple application for adding text to pictures. If your goal is creating quote graphics, you should check this one for obtaining pretty looking images. It allows creating 3D text and erasing parts in your text.


It has on offer lots of font choices, symbols, and backgrounds. This online website allows you to focus on creating your own quote that you can use as a Facebook cover. You cannot use this app for uploading your own picture. Thanks to BeHappyMe, you can also put your quote up for sale and enjoy other benefits.


Another great application for creating stunning quote image, it offers playful fonts that can be easily adapted over the pictures you upload. You will find it very easy to structure your text; and there are also other great features, including the one allowing you to align your text.


In 2014, it became the App Store’s Best. Thanks to Typic, you can add your text to your pictures and get a really amazing result! There are lots of features available. You will find 84 different fonts, lots of filters, frames, and light leak effects.


There is a good selection of font choices and templates. You will find it easy and convenient for creating your own images to share them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or to print. It has a useful feature for emphasizing some words. All you need is to tap a word and change its style or color, customize the alignment, text size, frame width, and line spacing. Such features are not that commonly found among other similar applications. This program does not allow you to rotate your text.

Quotes Cover

It provides a range of nice font combinations, and it is possible to pick different sizes. There are plenty of features. It may take some time to figure how all of them work. Check it out and you will not regret it; you will only need to take three steps — select working, choose editor, and start designing.


Lets you convert simple text quotes into beautiful visual images.

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