Top 8 Digital Marketing Myths [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 8 Digital Marketing Myths [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digital. Sounds so inviting, isn’t it? Digital Marketing and many sales people will raise their hand and ask “how does it work?” and start-up business owners saying “works like magic”, “the road to successful and cheap marketing” and critics frowning their forehead asserting that digital marketing is nothing but a click-bait method for the millennials. “False belief, when followed, is harmful.”

This old adage has always been true. Living in a world that is full of people who practice trial-and-error in their daily business may have somehow believed in some of the notions that their ancestors have told them such as “customer is always right” or “customers only care about low prices”. Unfortunately, some business owners failed to realize that these ideas might actually cause for their business to fail. Though some myths were once true, it is the time itself that decides its validity.

Myths in business, especially in marketing have always been rampant. And digital marketing has no shortage on that. Digital marketing has indeed become a staple in today’s business world, and some experts might even argue that most of the biggest industry today would not even survive without it. Because to its promising results, many start-up businesses are considering to put the foundation of their marketing effort through the utilization of digital media such as blogs, mobile advertisements and social networking and video sharing sites such as Facebook and YouTube. It really sounds pretty easy, but it was the same reason why some people has the false belief in Digital Marketing. Though some of it were once true, a large part of those myths are just hearsays which only became part of a story.

In this infographic, created by Digitalmarketingphilippines, we will take a closer look on each myth and the corresponding truth. So, join us and let us debunk these myths and learn from the realities of Digital Marketing.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Myths [INFOGRAPHIC]

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