Visme - Design Interactive Presentations, Infographics & Banners in HTML5

Visme is a collaborative HTML5 design platform that makes the creation of infographics and presentations accessible to non-designers. All work is conveniently done through an online app using templates and hundreds of pre-built elements, the price tag starts at ‘free’ so we decided to review it.

If you have some time on your hands then try the ‘day to day designs’ task we used to test Visme and remember to leave a link to your creations in the comments box below.

Our First Impression

When visiting Visme’s website for the first time you will find a plethora of good design advice on their blog. It positions them as a team who love the world of pixels loud enough for it to be felt.

Visme is best suited for professionals with 0 design background needing to create infographics and presentations, or experienced pixel pushers needing an online design platform. The ‘free for all’ billing model proves most beneficial to bloggers who need to visualize data or create social images and students presenting research and unable to invest in expensive design solutions.

The biggest value proposition for us was drag and drop HTML5 design with no coding needed. That benefit alone made this platform worth reviewing.


Visme’s modern HTML5 interface is what we personally love the most. It offers the ability to seamlessly create, review, and present information from a single portal without needing to download any additional software or plugins. We simply created our account and were ready to get started from the templates provided.

Other features include inviting team members to collaborate, ability to animate, add audio, convert into video and remotely update virtually any project. The ‘new designer first’ approach is impressive but a stable internet is required to run the Visme app. The other slight ‘use case’ negative we found was exporting to svg. formats which could be a problem for design agencies.


Offers all the functions you would expect in a design app including the ability to add/edit text and shapes, duplicate or move elements across slides to create themed and branded projects easily. Cool functions included front-end access to stock images, assets, hundreds of templates and HTML5 animation added within a click of a button.

Our favorite function was Visme’s shared library allowing us to save work (i.e. our own templates) into a cloud to be used for future projects and remote update, which allows us to remotely update projects without having to change the link or embed code.

Visme is still in beta and some bugs were found. Loading speeds can lag a little and if too many animations/elements are added into a single slide things go invisible. Luckily Visme appears to have it figured because their ‘auto save’ feature recovered all potentially lost work within the click of a refresh button.


Visme does offer premium features (for individuals and team collaboration) however the free version alone is a suitable option for anyone who needs a day to day ‘on the fly’ solution for social and blog article graphics.

Aside from infographics and presentations Visme solves a problem for social marketers who need a graphic design platform but not able to invest in big Adobe systems or learn online editors like GIMP and Pixlr quick enough.

Using Visme for free is a no brainer - literally.

Example Use Case - Social Graphics

After creating a free account on Visme and deleting everything we ever knew about design from our brains - we allowed Visme’s templates, suggestions and interface take control.

The goal was to create a daily quote about design to be shared on social channels in enough time to have a quick sandwich for lunch and get back to work.

Animations, elements and fancy texts could have been used but we wanted to test Visme’s compatibility with day to day use, as opposed to a flamboyant presentation or infographic (that would take us days/weeks of research).

Visme Is Great For Day To Day Social Graphics Use

It took 30 mins to do the design and export as .jpg and we can anticipate slicing that down to 10 minutes (template was saved to our shared library). Majority of time was spent on learning Visme, aligning text and taking bites out of a sandwich.

Yes it took a little longer than our usual choice of design platforms (Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop) but we pretended we couldn't afford or have the skill to use them.

When compared to other (more difficult to use and offline) HTML5 design solutions like Google Web Designer, Visme really is far easier to use. The only thing it’s missing is a mobile app (i.e. Canva) allowing design to be done on the go.

Final Thoughts

Visme does what it says on the tin - convincingly suitable for any digital design including blogs, infographics and quick social posts. Also perfect for educators or a new generation of designers needing a platform to exercise their skill.

If Visme claimed to be one of the most thoughtful, unique and powerful online design platforms ever created - we wouldn't disagree with them.
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