Insta-Sales: Your Guide to Selling More with Instagram for Business

Expanding Your Business with Branding and Sales on Instagram

How can a business turn Instagram likes into sales? Adopting an effective social media strategy for Instagram is simpler than you may think. It all starts with knowing your audience, and the rest relies on your ability to adapt and refine an approach when targeting customers. Starting with a buyer persona will help you reach the right people, but it’s up to you to infuse excitement and fun into what you do to attract and convert new customers.

Here are some key steps to turn Instagram likes into sales:

Buyer Personas

Instagram is one of the most effective social media networks for applying Buyer Personas. This is because most Instagram users are interacting specifically with their interests (a niche), rather than Facebook, which builds a social network around your circle of friends (people you already know), as much of Instagram is based on personal interests. Therefore, it’s much easier to shape your posts with photographs using Buyer Personas that speak to your customer’s visual preferences. Your ability to sell well on Instagram all relies on how well you know your audience.

Instagram Advertising

Advertising your posts on Instagram is an easy way to instantly boost your reach online. Instagram gives you the option of sponsoring aesthetically pleasing Instagram Ads in Photos, Videos, and Carousels for businesses. There are 400 million Instagrammers globally, and in fact, Instagram is more widely used internationally because of its visual nature. In addition, the human brain has the power to process graphics at a much faster speed than text, which gives you the advantage of connecting with new customers in an instant.

Business Profile Hacks

Besides the new Instagram feed changes, tools will soon be added to Instagram to help business form a more effective social media strategy. Before Instagram rolls out with Business Profiles, there are a few things you can do to hack your profile. If you’re a business trying to rank for a specific keyword, then use this keyword as your “name” and your company name as your “username”. For instance, we use “digital marketing agency”, and it helps us rank for this specific keyword.

Hashtag Targeting & Timing

There’s a time and a place for everything, and this goes for Instagram as well. Pay close attention to hashtag trends, and do your hashtag research before developing your Instagram strategy. Instagram is the easiest place to reach people via hashtag, which makes it easier for you to get your photographs in front of the right people (aka people using the same hashtags and following them through). But you should always make note of posting times and performance to figure out which times of the day are best for publishing your particular content on Instagram.

Contests & Giveaways

People like to have fun with Instagram, so why suck the fun out of it? You don’t have to be labeled an ‘advertiser’ when you make your content likable. So, conduct a contest or giveaway to find out how much buzz you can create around your company’s offerings. Take a top product (something you know everyone already wants), and invite Instagrammers to share (by tagging your username in the reply or adding a specific hashtag) to enter the contest. This not only helps you gain exposure, but it converts Instagram likes into sales.

The Like 3x Method

The magic trick to getting people to engage on Instagram? Interact with them first, and not just once, but three times to let them know you’re serious. It may seem silly, but to succeed in social, you have to socialize. If you’re an Instagram user, then you can probably relate to that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you receive a new follower or when someone “like” bombs your posts. If you really want to connect with new customers, like three times, then follow.

Launch a New Product Showcase

With the ability to create Carousel ads, product showcases were born. Instagram is an amazing place to post gorgeous display photos for your next new product launch. It goes hand-in-hand with your global online outreach efforts. Instagrammers should be reacting instantly to your products, and if they are not, this means that either you haven’t found your audience or your approach needs work (more reach, better photos, different post times, engaging captions, etc.). 

Find the BIG People - Instagram Influencers

If you decide to conduct a contest around your product, wouldn’t it be nice to get it in front of influencers? You know — the people who already have thousands of followers interested in the same niche topic? Yes, the best approach for Insta-success is relevance in high volumes. You need tons of new people all interested in your products taking a look at your posts, and the quickest way to do this (without attempting to build an influential profile on your own) is influencers in your niche. If you want further reach, try standing on the shoulders of giants — or those people who have already done it.

B-E Aggressive

Social media strategies are best when they’re aggressive. You might be constantly asking yourself, what’s the point of using social media for a business? Does it really help sell more? You bet it does. Keep in mind, people want to connect with people, not brands. But even more importantly, they want to see consistency, and they like when you make an effort to connect with them. That’s why one of the most fundamental aspects of any social media strategy is be more aggressive.

The key is establishing trust and growing your community. Waiting around for people to join your following is completely unnecessary. Don’t start pitching like a used car salesman, but instead, make a daily effort to find new followers and connect on a personal level. Use the “Discover People” and “Explore” search tool to find Instagrammers in your niche and interact with your current followers by liking posts and answering comments.

Be Original, Creative & Professional

Why is branding an essential part of marketing in the 21st Century? Because it’s the key to selling more. There are three things that are most likely missing if you are having problems succeeding with Instagram. Originality — it’s a novelty. Creativity — it appeals to the emotions. Professionalism — and, it checks out. Professionalism alone does not impress people, since it’s usually expected. But combine all three of these things, and there’s no way your Instagram following can resist growing.

How do you grow your Instagram following? Share your Insta-success method with us below, or share this article with your network!

Expanding Your Business with Branding and Sales on Instagram

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