Your eCommerce Store is Leaking Money [Infographic]

Your eCommerce Store is Leaking Money [Infographic]

Setting up an eCommerce store and opening up for business, is not always as difficult to do as you first envisaged, but getting it right is infinitely harder to achieve.

As this infographic demonstrates, there are many ways for your eCommerce store to leak money, even when you think that things are going ok and are making a profit.

Even if you are managing to generate a profit and orders are coming in at a steady rate, there are almost certainly going to be some aspects of the design and navigation of your online store, that are either preventing customers buying more, or even checking out at all.

Remembering that over 80% of online shoppers are promiscuous when it comes to their buying habits and will shop around for reviews and price comparisons, before committing to buy, you need to be sure that your eCommerce site does everything that they want, including offering a great price.

There are many components that combine to create a great site, and if you get any of these design or navigation elements wrong, it can prove costly.

If you are suffering from poor conversion rates or a lack of repeat orders, it may just be that your eCommerce store is leaking more money than you imagined.

infographic courtesy of: Redstagfulfillment.
Your eCommerce Store is Leaking Money [Infographic]

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