Developing a Content Marketing Strategy – How to Turn Engagement into ROI [INFOGRAPHIC]

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy – How to Turn Engagement into ROI

In the 21st century, we are bombarded with advertisements from all sides. This has made people go numb to the ads they see, the “recommendations” they hear and even the “studies” they read. Whenever they recognize sponsored content, people are bound to turn their heads, which means that most traditional digital marketing efforts often go to waste. This is where content marketing steps up big time. By providing your target audience with something they want to see and in a form that keeps them interested, you are managing to turn engagement into a serious ROI. Because of this, here are few tips and tricks on how to develop a solid content marketing strategy.

Building Your Content Strategy

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy – infographic

infographic courtesy of: zencontent

How to Turn Engagement into ROI

Turning Support into ROI

The first thing you need to worry about in every marketing strategy is how successful your campaign is when it comes to making money. As simple as that. Sure, your webinars, videos or white paper may get a flawless response, but what does this mean in solid currency. Getting likes, shares, retweets and positive comments is great, but unless you can turn it into ROI, there is not much point to it. In other words, your single goal in content marketing (like in any other type of marketing) is to turn your audience into your customers. This is why, although your marketing efforts need to look organic, you still have to add at least some sort for contact to them.

Focusing on Engagement

One of the greatest mistakes of analyzing your content’s response is just looking at likes or retweets. Sure, they are the most reliable indicators of support, but what about those who just viewed your content without any activity? Well, positive and negative response is greatly different and, while most people who dislike your content feel compelled to give you a piece of their mind, those who like it can do so in silence. What this means is that you shouldn’t disregard a potential client or buyer just because they didn’t openly show that they are interested. Sure, there are always those who visit your page on accident, but others who really wanted to see your content should never be taken out of equation.

Modern Analytics and Data Processing

One of the most famous quotes about marketing was uttered by John Wanamaker, when he stated that although half of the money he spends on marketing is wasted, he never knows which half. This has always been the painful (and expensive) truth. However, today, there might be a solution to this persistent problem. In 2016, the era of the Internet and Google, there are so many sophisticated analytics tools that reveal everything, save perhaps personal info of your visitors. Once you finally have these data, all you should do is find the right BI software to process it through. In this way, you use raw unintelligible data to turn it into the information you can act upon.

Keep up with Content Marketing

Finally, if you are to get a satisfactory ROI on your content strategy, you need to learn how to stay in touch with the latest trends in content marketing. First of all, you need to educate yourself on this topic, and the most reliable way to do so is to follow and emulate the top-dogs in the industry. By following best content marketing blogs like Convince and Convert, TopRank Blog, Content Marketing Institute and Brian Solis, you can learn all there is to social media, online marketing as well as public relations. One more thing, using the right digital tools for managing writers and content tools can also be of great assistance and make you much more efficient.


While it is true that content marketing is the Holy Grail in the world of digital marketing, it doesn’t just make money on its own. Nothing does. Here as well, you will have to do a no small share of market research and arm yourself with right digital tools. Also, you need to give it your best to stay in touch with all the latest occurrences in the industry. Like always, to become the best, you must learn from the best.
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