Blogging Law 101 for Content Creators and Marketers [Infographic]

In the digital world, content is everywhere online. Every day, there are new bloggers popping out of the woodworks. There are many content creators, website administrators and content marketers.

There is no need for a qualification to post and venture online but many don't know the laws of blogging that govern online content.

Is it really safe to use others ideas?

If someone steals your ideas, are there any laws that can protect you?

Sure, there are laws, imposing them may be a tough issue in the digital world. Infringement of copyright protected material is a serious issue and if found guilty the penalties could range from hefty financial fines, prison time and your content and even website can all be taken down.

Here are some quick lessons from the infographic:

• Copyright infringement can lead to 5 years of jail time or fines up to $150,000 to $250,000 if found guilty

• Ask for permission if you are ever in doubt

• Use Public Domain licenced material or Creative Common material like images

• Provide a link back to the source where it is due and provide proper acknowledgement

• Make sure you have an unsubscribe button in your email campaigns

• Opinions should not be defamatory and make sure you get your facts straight

Knowing the laws of blogging can better protect your online assets and also make sure you are staying on the right side of the law.

Blogging law infographic by Monder Law.

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