Essentials Tips to Set up Engaging Email Drip Campaign

Essentials Tips to Set up Engaging Email Drip Campaign

Your drip campaign is a “customer journey” you send your perspective clients/customers on so that when they are ready to invest or make a purchase you are top of mind.

There is no doubt about it email campaigns are the best way to sell online.

Here are some mind-blowing stats:

Email is the No. 1 activity people use on their Smartphones. Not to mention 4 out of 5 smartphone users check their phone within the first 15 minutes of their day.

Currently 50% of the population use a Smartphone an estimated 68% will by 2017.

Worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from almost 3.9 billionin 2013 to over 4.9 billion by the end of 2017.

Knowing how to effectively communicate to your audience is essential to growing your profitability because 72% of consumers preferred communication from businesses is via email.

Just like a leaky faucet, email drip campaigns can quickly become annoying. However, when you follow these 8 tips you can set up a killer email drip campaign that leaves your readers thirsty for more and primed to purchase.

Navigate through this Drip Campaign tips and set your first or next drip campaign up for huge success.

1. Set Your Goal for your Drip Campaign

2. Diagram the flow

3. Lead with value

4. It’s not about you it’s about them

5. Write one cohesive story

6. Create compelling headlines for Drip Emails

7. CTA Tips for Drip Emails

8. Set it and forget it

1. Set Your Goal for your Drip Campaign

• Educational

• Promotional

Your email drip campaign should always lead with value (see tip No. 3), because the ultimate goal is to build and nurture a relationship with your customer. For the sake of a killer campaign you’ll want to reverse engineer your strategy.

Ask yourself:

• Where do I want my customers to end?

• Is it a paid signature offer?

• Is it a free workshop?

• How am I going to get them there?

• If your goal is to nurture your content will be more educational and if you are doing a launch or countdown campaign you’ll want to mingle both education and urgency.

Always keep your end goal in mind so that your drip campaign has a steady engaging flow.

2. Diagram the Flow for your Drip Campaign

Now is the time to start plotting your course of action.

Once you reverse engineer your goal, grab a pen and paper or do it digitally. It may look something like this from Rob Walling of Drip:


Check this campaign: Autopilot of Simple Green Smoothies:

3. Always Lead with Value

Nothing says “ick” like an email that shouts BUY MY STUFF.

Time is money and you want your emails to be worthy of someone’s time. When you provide value you show your customers how much you value them. This also builds your trust factor which is key in people’s buying decision.

Simple Green Smoothie’s “The 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge” is a stellar example of a welcome email combined with practical advice.

Here are 5 engaging templates you can use to personalize your next promotional campaign:
  1. A warm welcome
  2. Transparency = Trust
  3. Share a personal story
  4. Case study
  5. Soft sell offer
Check out 6 engaging emails you can use to personalize your next nurture campaign:
  1. Welcome
  2. Practical Advice
  3. Theory
  4. Actional Tips
  5. Case Study
  6. Follow up

4. It’s Not About You It’s About Them

• 72% of consumers are frustrated when they receive generic emails.

• 55% are more likely to buy when they feel a personal connection to the sender.

• CTRs improve show a direct impact on emails that are personalized.

Always make sure you are writing to ONE person. Your email is intended for each and every reader who places their eyes on it and not to an audience as a whole. Write from your heart to get into theirs.

Speak directly to that person through the words in your email as if they were in a room standing in front of you.

Research shows that people respond to their name and is why you should personal your emails with your customers first name.

5. Write One Cohesive Story

• Open up a document in google drive and draft your entire email sequence as if you are telling a story to one person. You don’t have to do this at one time just make sure you create it as one document.

• Find natural breaks in the flow and segment them into individual emails.

• Help Scout recommends following the “one email, one goal” rule and that each email should contain one desired outcome.

• Pull out compelling headlines from your “story” to create subject lines.

• Write like you speak.

6. Create compelling headlines for Drip Emails

• Your customers will read your headlines even if they don’t read your emails

• Emails sent out “Daily” and “Weekly” and “Video” perform very well

• This report of 2.2 Billion email subjects found:

  1. “Alert,” shows +38.1% opens and +61.8% clicks. Gives the impression of “breaking news” (same with the word “Bulletin”)
  2. Avoid using the words “Cheap” or “Free”
  3. “Sales” and “Savings” still works
  4. “Early Bird” can have a positive affect on open rates and negative on unsubscribe rates
  5. “Prizes” and “Free Stuff” have a lower open rate but higher click through rate

I scanned my inbox and the following email subject lines grabbed my attention:

• I’m done with having to prove myself

• I feel like a fool

• Can we talk?

• Julia I am closing my business…

• Patient Story: Katie and Ed

• [24 hrs left]

• Welcome to My Partyyyyy!

• Do you want to live happier?

• Special Announcement: MIA Alum Only!

• To Feel, or not to feel

• Can I help you?

• 5 big mistakes I made last year

• Stepford Life ends… and The Story Begins


• I didn’t want to have these business regrets

• How to get a traditional book deal

• A wake up call

• Create your own economy

• Sale ending in 24hrs, tick-tock

• Doing your taxes bum you out?

• The business tool that saved me

• Why they aren’t buying

• The Beyonce effect

• How to make your small list win big

• An elevator pitch case study

• We royally screwed up this launch and I need to explain

• “One day” is here, Julia!

• The Truth About Money & Being a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur {vlog}

• (Webinar Replay) OMG, I can't believe I dropped the F-Bomb

• the one thing EVERY successful entrepreneur does…

• Oh la la! You’re a VIP!

• What I do when my business is stuck (videos included)

• ♥ What if your good idea is already taken?

7. Call to action tips for Drip Emails

• Make it short

• Tell people what you want them to do

• Ask for urgency i.e.) NOW

• One call to action per email for better results

• Make it “pop’

• Keep testing and tweaking

This email has a CTA to check out “Flight School”:

8. Set it and forget it

Choose a service provider like where you can create your automated email sequences. I recommend Get Response.

Take the time to set your drip content up right it will help you build relationships in your business.

When you have a private all-access pass to someone’s inbox the sky really is the limit on what you can achieve in your business!

Bonus infographic:

Drip Email Marketing: How to Nurture Your Leads & Drive 3X The Clickthroughs

Click image to enlarge+.

Courtesy of: Emailmonks.
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