A Sensible #SocialMedia Marketing Checklist For Businesses

A Sensible #SocialMedia Marketing Checklist For Businesses

Social media for businesses can be quite confusing. At first glance, most business owners or managers think it is easy. However once they begin, they discover many hidden levels of difficulty. The good news is that with a sensible social media checklist, the entire process can be streamlined and a business can build a social media presence that will ensure a great reputation and continued growth.

The Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses - infographic
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Define your target audience

This should be the first step in any type of marketing campaign. Is your most likely customer old or young? Do they have high, low, or medium income? What topics are most likely to interest and attract them? Once you've completed this step, use the information to influence every single social media post you make in the future.

Come up with a posting schedule

If you are posting on Facebook and Twitter once or twice a day, work up some evergreen posts in advance. Once you develop your schedule, be sure to keep up with it to prevent losing your followers. On other social media websites such as LinkedIn. you'll want to post more in depth once or twice a week. Knowing your workload in advance helps you to organize the production of your content and keeps your output more professional.

Keep a sharp eye out for any pertinent images and videos to accompany your social media posts

The Internet is visually oriented now. Words alone just don't attract the type of attention you want to gain. Make a habit of collecting pictures or capturing video as you move through the day. The odds are good that you won't use them all. However, if you don't include one, your posts will be woefully unattractive and not worth doing.

Scan your content for relevant keywords

Social media platforms are searchable. Make sure that you include hashtags and relevant keywords to help people find your content and always make them pertinent to your business. Who knows? If you select the right keywords, you might go viral. In fact, if your content is good enough, it can move your business name all over the Internet.

Respond to questions or comments without delay

This is the social part of social media. Your followers will love it when they get a chance to engage with you. Even if they just tell you they love your post, take a moment to respond with a thank you for the compliment. This will all work in your favor because when more customers interact with your posts, your post becomes more likely to be shared and seen on other peoples pages and feeds.

Regularly check your analytics

Novice social media users must figure out which times are the best times to post. The best place to do this is on your statistics page. You can figure out when your audience is most likely to be online as well as what they like. Review this at the end of each day and don't be afraid to experiment with both your content and your times.

Schedule completed posts for publication

At the end of each day, place your completed content into the queue for later release. Give it time to filter few a few of your followers' feed and see if you need to do any tweaking. Of course, all posts should be thoroughly proofread and edited for content in advance.

Many business owners start out by doing their social media posts on their own, but soon seek help in order to develop a more polished tone. The content you post on social media is a reflection of your business and should be carefully selected to ensure greater success.

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