Tips For Using Your Business’ Social Media In 2016

Tips For Using Your Business’ Social Media In 2016

Social media is taking over the world. There are 1.49 billion monthly users on Facebook, that are active users. That’s just Facebook, and not considering all of the other social media sites that are showing popularity online and on mobile media.

In a recent post on 2016 social media trends, statistics for may social media sites have been shared that show what to expect this year on each of these sites. People are doing more searching on social web, more people are watching videos on Facebook, and all of the unique features offered by each site are breeding better engagement for businesses.

Use Videos

If 4 billion videos are being viewed every day on Facebook, and YouTube remains a popular video destination, it makes sense that your business should be making videos. There are many different types of videos that you can make for your business that will attract customers and views.

Try a welcome video, which you can have on your front page of your website. This would be a video that says hello to people and lets them know what they can find on your website, and with your business. You can do how to videos, that share with people how to use your products, or even do product introduction videos just letting people know about new or interesting products and services you offer.

Share Your Photos

Whether your run a business that rents apartments and homes, or you are a massage therapist working out of your own home, photos tell people a better story than just words will. There is a reason that it is said a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are plenty of places to share photos on the internet when it comes to social media. Obviously you have Facebook, but you can also share pictures on Twitter. You can share blog posts or item pages on Pinterest, which shows up with a photo. And, of course, you should be using Instagram.

Sell Stuff

Facebook is not the only social media site sporting a Buy Button these days, as both Twitter and Pinterest have them as well. Even Instagram has recently implemented a Shop Now button for advertisers. For most people, the Buy Button can be used for selling small items, even if they are not a business.

However, it makes sense for businesses, small and large, to take advantage of these tools. The more places your products and services are available, the more chances you’ll have to sell.

Publish And Share Articles

Facebook now has Instant Articles, a new feature that allows online marketers to publish articles right on Facebook’s platform. It kind of cuts out the need for a blog, but not really, since blogging is still an important part of business marketing.

You still want to be sharing your articles on your various social media accounts, making sure you are using high resolution photos for links on sites like Pinterest, where it’s all about the photo you are using.

Bonus infographic:

How to Use Social Media for Your Small Business

8 Awesome Social Media Marketing Tips You Can Use To Help Your Business Succeed - infographic

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