Put A Dog On It: Brand Lessons From Instagram's Pet Celebrities - #infographic

[Infographic] Is Cute Marketing Effective Marketing? Brand Lessons from Pet Celebrities

Celebrity and shock value are a sure-fire way to get your marketing seen, but endorsements are expensive and controversy isn’t always on brand. When looking for ways to make an impact on Instagram, cute content is a viable alternative.

According to a 2015 study in psychological Science, people react positively to animals, babies, and other things considered cute.

Here's an infographic, produced by Marketo team, that delineates why cute marketing is effective, why animals resonate with a diverse audience, and some key lessons that you can take from the grassroots animal celebrity accounts that have cropped up over the last two years.

As a marketer, what’s one way that you can quickly engage your audience and position your brand as friendly and relatable? Quick answer: Incorporate animals into your marketing. There’s a reason why each year some of the top Super Bowl ads feature animals, and that’s because it works to engage audiences

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