Local SEO - Do's and Don't in 2016 - #infographic

Do’s And Dont’s Of Local SEO In 2016 [Infographic]

Would you say SEO or search engine optimization is an art or science?

It is more like science without the guarantee or accuracy of a scientific result. Why?

SEO has so many moving components that work one day may not work well the next.

For example, you may rank well for a given keyword one day and the next month a competitor might outrank you. Google updates, its ranking factors every now and then to make things more unpredictable.

From a local SEO perspective, to rank for local search results, there is definitely a few things you can do to give you the best chance. Maintaining the accuracy and consistency of NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) listings is one such easy win. Getting good customer reviews online and making sure your citations are consistent can all help. Optimizing your on-site SEO elements like, title, URL and images can all increase search rankings and visibility.

Local SEO is about providing unique content that serves the local area. Do not copy, paste content from one page to another and simply change the location for each page. A physical address and a local phone number for the location you are trying to rank can help boost your local SEO efforts.

For more local SEO tips and tricks check out this infographic by the team at AgencyPlatform.com.

Local SEO optimization: what to do and not to do in 2016 - #infographic
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