Content Marketing and SEO: The Timeline of Key Events (infographic)

Back in 2012, Google introduced its Panda algorhithm to prevent websites with poor quality content from ranking high in search results. This has changed the SEO industry and set the stage for a more turbulent development of an associated web marketing technique - content marketing.

Although content marketing is over a century old strategy, in today's digital world it has an entirely different dimension. With different Google algorithm updates, it has gained in importance and became a primary technique for businesses to increase their online visibility and increase audience engagement.

By examining some of the key events in the SEO world, it is easy to map a parallel development of content marketing. The infographic by Four Dots identifies these events and shows how they influenced a dynamic expansion of content marketers, inspiring businesses to create larger volumes of different forms of content. From John Deere's traditional content marketing strategy to mobile content creation, the infographic covers the history of these two related fields.
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