Study: 23% Of Internet Users Used GooglePlus In Past Month - #infographic

Google+ Is More Popular Than You Think - #infographic

Nearly 1 in 4 of web users (aged 16 - 64) have used Google+ within the past month, according to new research from Global Web Index.

GWI also found that by region, G+'s usage rates peak at 32 percent in Latin America and 29 percent in MENA, with North America notably behind at just 16 percent.

GWI said in introducing its data:

Despite having stripped back some of its core features recently, 1 in 4 internet users still use the service each month (rising higher in some fast-growth markets). And although some people have accounts because they were required to create them in order to use other services, it’s clear that Google+ still boasts a loyal following.

In a social networking world dominated by Facebook, it’s worth noting that the typical internet user is now active on around 2.8 different networks. And for a decent percentage of online adults, Google+ is one of those networks.

Readers: Any surprises?
23 percent of surveyed internet users worldwide have used GooglePlus in the last month - #infographic

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