The 4 Biggest Content Marketing Trends Of 2015 - #infographic

Infographic: 2015's Biggest Content Marketing Trends

"Forget trying to keep up with all the changes that occurred in Internet marketing this past year. It would take you until this time next year just to list them. So instead of taking up a lot of unnecessary and valuable time, the latest infographic from MDG Advertising quickly details the content marketing trends you most need to know about."

Key Takeaways:

New Ad Formats Are Taking Off:

Thanks to the rise of mobile, video and new social networking platforms willing to push boundaries, we're in the midst of an exciting time of rapid advertising innovation. Digital ads are getting more engaging and more effective.

User-Generated Media Is Exploding:

The importance of user-generated content is nothing new. However, this year the steady stream of pieces has finally become a flood. This trend can be seen across a wide range of platforms and content types.

Check out the infographic below for more insights.
Here are the four Biggest Content Marketing Trends that have emerged in 2015 - infographic

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