#SocialMedia Demographics: Connect With the Core Groups of Brand Loyalists - #infographic

#SocialMedia Demographics: Connect With the Core Groups of Brand Loyalists - #infographic

Ensuring the seed of your content is planted in the right place, at the right time, is growing increasingly difficult, considering our list of social networking platforms continue to blossom. Is your brand most suited for the audience of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or should it harvest ‘double taps’, ‘Influence’, ‘reshares on Instagram, LinkedIn and more instead?

“Where do I invest my social marketing effort?”

Social marketing strategists can address the question with metrics including geographic location; 55% of the Google+ audience are located in USA whereas 77 percent of Twitter accounts are outside of the same location. Other marketers might opt for a more ‘bottom line’ and salary targeted approach, 44 percent of $75k+ earners use LinkedIn, compared to Facebook (72 percent). Twitter (27 percent) and Instagram (26 percent) are possibly the lowest priority for targeting audiences of that salary bracket.

See the SproutSocial's infographic (featured below) for full demographic segmentation across today’s top social networks for more.
Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat - #SocialMedia Demographics for Marketers - #infographic

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