#SocialMediaMarketing: 7 Tips To Turn You Into A Twitter Pro - #infographic

How to become a #Twitter Guru in 7 simple Steps - #infographic #socialmedia

Are you leveraging twitter to promote your small business, products or services?

“Twitter is a great tool for marketing, but are you getting the most out of your profile? This infographic (produced by Salesforce) will teach you key ways to optimize your Twitter profile (both for individuals and for brands), best practices for tweet structure, and how to increase engagement.”

By adopting some of these tips you can become a more effective twitter user, increase your following, and grow awareness of your business or brand.

Here are some key highlights from the visual:

Optimize Your Profile:

For individuals, use a close-up head-shot as profile picture. Show skills and uniqueness in Twitter bio and cover.

For brands, use a high-contrast brand image/logo and cover photo. State mission and don;t be afraid to show personality. Include your website/blog URL in your Twitter bio.

Structure Your Tweets:

Keep tweets short, around 100 characters, so followers can add their own take.

Use content from a variety of sources to keep followers engaged.

Mix funny/interesting tweets in with business tweets.

Increase Twitter Engagement:

Engage with others. Use favorite button as a like.

Respond to questions people ask you. If someone regularly retweets/replies to you, return the favor.

Use hashtags to make your tweets easy o find.

There's more in full graphic take a look.
Tips for Beginners to Become a Pro on Twitter
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