6 Bad Digital Habits (And How To Stop Them) - #infographic

6 Bad Digital Habits (And How To Stop Them) - #infographic #gaming #socialnetworking

As much as technology and the internet have benefited us, they've also created some really bad habits. Here are a few common ones (featured in the infographic below), and how you can kick them.

Bad Email Etiquette:

If you work in an office, bad email etiquette - such as requesting read receipts, or ignoring emails completely - can frustrate your colleagues.

Email out of hours isn't helpful - try saving the message till the next day.
Ping-ponging or rapid replies to office emails, is the most annoying habit according to a Kingston University study (2011).

How to stop it:

Keep email content in sync with the subject line - making it easier to find later.
Get to the point quickly - use separate emails for multiple requests.

Social Media:

If used wrong, it can be huge waste of time. 121 billion minutes were used up on social media sites by American in July 2012!

Delete or deactivate your accounts - or just let theme drift off into obscurity by posting less often.
Download StayFocusd - this Chrome app cuts off access to time-wasting websites.

Read rest of the tips in below infographic which comes courtesy of Html.
6 bad digital habits (and how to stop them) - #infographic
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