3 Tips For Creating Effective Marketing Videos - #infographic

3 Tips for Successful Online #VideoMarketing - #infographic

One viral video can change the course of any company regardless of size and the product it sells. HubSpot compiled the Top 15 viral ads of 2013 based on views. The "Baby and Me" campaign for Danone Group's Evian mineral water finished the year with 70 million views. Statista data shows consumption of Evian water gradually decreased from from the fall of 2009 to 2013. But between September 2013 and March 2014 (after the video was published), consumption increased by 8.4 percent.

Marketing executives cannot bank on one viral video. Campaigns must be sustained and engaging to current and perspective customers. Katie Clem, who made the viral video of her daughter's reaction to the announcement of a Disneyland trip in 2011, told the New York Times it's all about luck. She went to bed that night and the next morning her life was forever changed.

You can increase views of your videos by implementing the following tried-and-true ideas into your productions.

Using Videos In Marketing - #infographic #contentmarketing
Infographic courtesy of superfastbusiness.

How to Create Effective Marketing Videos

Cute Kids

The Evian babies and Clem's daughter should be more than enough evidence that the innocence of children helps to attract viewers. Michael Poh, writing for the tech blog Hongkiat, wrote that universal appeal is the top factor that will determine a marketing video's success. Children represent the untainted human who hasn't been influenced by politics or media.

The E-Trade talking babies were one of the company's most successful ad campaigns ever launched. The "cutest kid" campaign by AT&T also received positive reviews. Make certain to keep the ad short and too the point. The message can easily get lost when viewers are focused on how adorable the kids are.

Kitten Kaboodle

Americans love their pets, particularly dogs and cats. But when deciding which to use for a marketing video, the latter makes more sense.

Mike Florentino, writing for Ad Age, found that the 100 most-watched cat videos generated 600 million more views than the top 100 dog videos. Further, only the tiny British island of Guernsey ranks higher for Internet searches involving cats than the U.S., according to Google Trends. Some have speculated the reason cats are more popular is because dogs simply try too hard to ham it up in videos. Cats are naturally cool and spontaneous in their actions.

It wouldn't hurt to have a feline friend cast in your next video.

Background Music

The name Antoine Dodson may not immediately be familiar to you. But his photo and the viral video of the Huntsville, Alabama news clip that made him famous should jog your memory. American satire artists, The Gregory Brothers, added a music bed and some clever editing to the news clip and the video ended up being the most viewed YouTube video of 2010. The video even transcended the Internet, landing at No. 89 on the Billboard Hot 100 in August of 2010.

All music used in videos must be royalty-free or you must get permission from the producer to use it. It's best to simply use stock music from an online provider or have a professional make the music bed for you. You're asking for legal troubles if copyrighted materials are used in your productions. Keep in mind, fast, repetitive beats make a catchy tune.

These tips will make your finished products better and more clickable. But the key to effective video marketing is consistency. Make a schedule and stick to it.
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