Infographic: The Elements Of Brand Love In Content - #marketing

#Infographic: The Elements Of Brand Love In Content - #marketing

Onespot - a firm that provides content marketing services - put together an infographic that illustrates why emotional connection matters in content marketing, and proposes some tips for creating meaningful emotional connections with your content.

Key Takeaways:

Lesson in love for content marketers:

Embrace awe: Whether you choose to take a challenging stance, ask a provocative question or simply state a startling fact, your brand can tap into the power of surprise to connect with customers and create shareable content.

Picture this: Images work quickly to covey emotions and express often complex ideas. Leverage compelling imagery, but don;t be afraid to leave out faces. While it may seem counterintuitive, brand photos without faces have been shown to receive 23 percent more shares.

Be passionate: Showing the human side of your brand is an easy way to develop a more emotional persona. Share what really gets you inspired. Give a glimpse behind the charity work you do or lives you've improved. But always be authentic.

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#Infographic: The Elements Of Brand Love In Content - #marketing
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