The Potential Of #SocialMedia For B2B In 2015 - #infographic

How B2B Businesses Are Tackling #SocialMedia In 2015 - #infographic

Businesses engaging with consumers via social media is nothing new; it's been on a skyward trajectory for several years. But over time, the number of potential social media channels has increased dramatically and businesses are now facing critical challenges of not just how but where to connect with their target market online.

In this infographic put together by leading UK business consultancy Real Business Rescue, the adoption of B2B social media strategies is well and truly emphasized whilst analyzing the new, key players in the social arena.

It also highlights the key challenges that businesses face when considering social media marketing whilst offering tips to enhance your social strategies in 2015 and beyond.

One thing's for sure, if your business isn't engaging with web-based consumers in this digital age, your competitors will be.
How B2B Businesses Are Tackling #SocialMedia In 2015 - #infographic
H/T Dennis Taylor.
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