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Do you post your social media content when your audience has the highest chance of seeing it?

Are you wondering, what is the best time to share your post(s) on social media to get the maximum interaction?

This infographic from Quicksprout, highlights the optimal times to post to all the major social networking sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest.

While all audiences are different and interact at different times, you can use these timings as a general guidelines.
Some key takeaways:

If your preferred platform is Facebook, use the tool Fanpage Karma to find the optimal time tailored to your audience.

For Twitter: Use the tool FollowerWonk to find your own best times.

LinkedIn consists of B2B audience, and according to LinkedIn, weekdays during business hours are the best time to post.

According to Search Engine Journal, Pinterest activity peaks at approximately 9PM.

According to TrackMaven, Instagram engagement stays consistent throughout the week, with slight spikes on Mondays and a slight dip on Sundays.

For Google+: Use the tool Timing+ to find the best time tailored to your audience.

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