#infographic: Crafting the Perfect Email - #emailmarketing

Crafting the Perfect Email Marketing Strategy for Your Campaign

"Email marketing has become an increasingly viable and credible platform from which to promote products and is now is a crucial tool used throughout the business world - both B2B and B2C. Yet, email marketing is only useful if you're able to craft a well-fashioned email with a persuasive lead - if you falter at this fundamental hurdle, your efforts will simply be ignored.

Email marketing naturally reaches the largest sample of respondents, therefore doing your utmost to perfect a marketing email will send your click through rates sky high, and you will see tangible improvements in your traffic levels."

Take a look at this infographic from Just SEO team to lean the art of crafting a perfect email campaign.
Click image to enlarge.
How to Craft a Perfect Email - #emailmarketing
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