The 50 Best Apps To Track (Almost) Everything In Your Life - #infographic

Smartphone Apps to Track Almost Everything

We want to know how fast we run. We want to know how much we eat. We want to know how much we spend.

With modern technology, it's easier than ever to track just about everything in our lives; from our relationships, to our health, to social media following, to our very use of technology - often in surprising level of detail.

The team at Voucher Cloud has compiled 50 apps to track everything in your life - using just your mobile phone - so you too can take control of your life using technology.

A few free apps include:

Google Keep: Quickly note down anything you've forgotten or need to remember, and tick a note to complete. A neat and organized way to track your to-do list!

My Fitness Pal: Track your calorie intake by inputting your meals, keeping an honest account of what and how well you're eating to improve your bad diet habit.

Life 360: Use GPS in your phone to track your family's whereabouts - and use inbuilt messaging to shout at anyone who's late for dinner.

Banana Tag: Track who opens your emails and when. The free service lets you track 5 emails per day, with paid-for plans unlocking more.

Follower Wonk: See who you're following and who's following back. You can even find out when your community is most active to discover the best times to tweet.

Take a look at below infographic for more apps.
50 Best Apps To Track Everything In Your Life
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