How To Apply For A Digital Apprenticeship [Interactive infographic]

How To Apply For A Digital Apprenticeship [Interactive infographic]

Sometimes the only thing that holds us back is ourselves. If you think that digital is a closed sector that is hard to break into, we are about to open your mind.

There are now more than 270,000 companies in the UK’s digital economy. Their revenues are growing 25% faster than their non-digital counterparts and they are on average hiring three more people.

That’s pretty open but, on top of this, there’s already a foot in the digital door for you. Apprenticeships could offer the shoe in that you need. The number of apprenticeships is growing, and they are not just being taken up by the young. Last year there were nearly 900,000 apprenticeships in the UK and 45% of these were taken by those over 25. You can expect more opportunities this year thanks to an additional £170 million being offered to encourage small businesses to take on more apprentices.

So what are you waiting for?

The infographic below from Neomam Studios shows what roles are available, what skills you need for each and how you can best demonstrate you are willing to learn. What’s more it’ll even outline how you can start finding and building relationships with companies who could offer you the chance you need to stop dreaming digital and start doing it.

The digital doors are open. Find out what you need to step up to the plate and step into a career.

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How To Apply For A Digital Apprenticeship [Interactive infographic] #digital marketing, content marketing, social media

H/t: Adam Maidment of Neomam Studios for this article.
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