SEO And Design: Striking the Perfect Balance - #infographic

6 Insider tips and tools you can use to become an SEO pro.

This infographic from Webmarketinggroup will serve as the quick reference guide for digital marketers who want to strike the perfect balance between beautiful website design and super-charged SEO.

Some key highlights are:

The 1-Click concept: All content should be accessible from above the fold along with the most important messages about your brand. And ideally, everything should be 1 click away.

Image vs. Content: Strike a balance. Use imagery to support content, not to replace content. Content is still king in the eyes of Google, so it's vital to balance the two. Alt tags should be used on all images to allow search engines to interpret the content of the image and improve your site's visibility in image search.

Site speed: Use Google Page Speed Checker to ensure your site load time is 3 seconds or less.

There's more in the full graphic take a look.

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The 10 crucial elements which ensure your site is beautiful, functional and works for SEO.

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