The Good and Bad of Social Media Marketing - #infographic

The Good and Bad of Social Media Marketing - #infographic

"This infographic from outmarket explores the notion that social media is a must-have for brands today, but the reality about why CMOs question it and what its true strengths and weaknesses are.

What's the good and the bad of social media marketing? Take a look at the good and pat yourself on the back for making it relevant within your organization. Then, take a look at the bad and follow the three tips to make sure you're demonstrating social’s value and tying it to results:"

infographic courtesy of: outmarket.
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To achieve business goals with social media create a roadmap for social that works hand-in-hand with other marketing tools.

To leverage social media into your larger marketing program, and generate more ROI:

• Integrate social with your CRM system to track and record engagement with prospects.
• Integrate social with your website, emails, press releases and other marketing platforms to present a cohesive, multi-channel presence.
• Use social to generate leads by monitoring and responding to potential customer;s buying signals.
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