Profiling Reddit Users - #infographic #socialmedia

Profiling Reddit Users - #infographic #socialmedia
Knowing your audience is one of the essential steps to any social media marketing strategy. And if your target is Reddit user, you'll want to read this latest Globalwebindex's that will give you a detailed overview of Reddit users.

Some key highlights are:

75 percent of active Reddit users are aged 16-34, just 2 percent are 55-64.

70 percent of active Reddit users are male.

Reddit active users are highly educated: Over half of them have a university or postgraduate degree.

Reddit active users are highly active on Facebook (95 percent), YouTube (94 percent), Google+ (90 percent) and Twitter (87 percent).

Reddit users are difficult to track through passive analytics, 50% of active users connect to the internet via VPNs, or Proxy Servers. Twice as high as among internet users generally.

7 in 10 say they regularly inform friends/family about new products or services.

Read rest of the findings in this visual.

Profiling Reddit Users - #infographic #socialmedia

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