9 Ways To Refresh Your Social Media Pages - #infographic

9 Ways To Refresh Your Social Media Pages - #infographic

"It's a good idea to set aside some time once per month to clean up your social media accounts. Taking a step back to re-evaluate and update your current presence will help your brand to strengthen and grow your online marketing efforts in the future."

This infographic from Everypost proposes 9 ways to refresh your social media pages.

Update Bios: Make sure your about us sections are up to date. Regularly update any links and key messages.

Update Logo and Cover: Update your social media profile logo and cover images to represent the current trends and offers and keep your pages feeling fresh for your followers.

Visit your competitors pages: Examine what your competitors are up to on their social media venues. Which social media platforms are they using? How engaged are their fans? Are they doing anything new? What type of content are they sharing and when do they share it.

Read rest of the tips in below visual:
How To Refresh Your Social Media Marketing strategy - #infographic

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