Traditional Brands Can Also Be Digital Disruptors - #infographic

How Digital Marketers Can Win the War Against Industry Disruptors - #infographic - Snapchat and Uber aren't the only ones innovating in their markets, established global companies like GE, Paypal and Sony are pushing their industries forward as well.  This infographic visually charts a range of strategies to show how these major brands are designing for digital age consumers.

Digital innovation isn't only for start-ups. Consumer expectations and fast-moving trends are causing major, global brands to stop and take note, and responding with programs that push the envelope on both creativity and technology.

A new infographic from Acquity Group, part of Accenture Interactive, details some of these breaking innovations from top businesses across a range of industries.
GMs partnership with car rental business ReplayRides to allow consumers to unlock their car just by texting it.  Sonys gamified spin on the user manual, which lets new phone users learn their device by leveling up instead of reading directions, Illuminas plan for customizable healthcare by enabling scientists to translate genetic data into usable information.

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