Socially Devoted Q2 2014 Results: It's Time To Be Socially Devoted - #infographic

Customers have asked nearly 9 million questions on Facebook and Twitter combined new data

Fans want to interact with brands on social media. The reality is this: the more focused on social customer care you become, the more interactions you will receive, reveals Socially Devoted Q2 study from socialbakers.

Here are some more findings from the study:
Socially devoted brands receive 2.5 times more interactions on average.
Just 5 percent of global brands are socially devoted on Facebook but these brands receive more than 50 percent of all social care demand.
Socially devoted brands receive more than 20 question every minute on Twitter.

See rest of the findings in below infographic.

How Socially Devoted are you? Check to see if your brand makes the cut here.
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