Social Media Marketing Trends And Predictions 2014 - #infographic

In 2014 we’ve already seen some shifts and trends with social media, and looking into the future thisiscommon created an inforgraphic on what they think is next to come in social during 2014.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the below visual:

Social Media investment will be crucial:

Many businesses are recognizing the importance of social media however in 2014 it will be crucial for success. Business will realize the importance of hiring social media experts to help increase web traffic, revenue and lead generation.

Image-centric networks will be successful:

2014 will amplify the use of sharing content through image and video rather than text. Incorporating visual content in any content strategy will be critical in its success. Pinterest, Path and Slideshare will continue to grow.

The Big Superstar will be Google+:

No one will be able to dismiss the potential of Google+ in 2014. Incorporating all of the Google product interactions into a personalized web experience, Google+ will build on its current 343 million monthly active users becoming a real superstar.

Read rest of the social media marketing trends and predictions in this graphic.

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