Tips For Making Social Video Work for Your Brand - #infographic

Making Social Video Work for Your Brand - #infographic

This infographic from themediaoctopus looks at why marketers should consider video, and proposes some tips for making video content work for your brand.

Making Social Video Work for Your Brand - #infographic

Consider these top 4 pointers when creating your online video strategy:

1. Understand your audience:
Before thinking about content, research what your target audience requires rather than assuming what they want.

2. Create the content:
Work out how you are going to get audience attention and spend time on briefing based on the change in thinking, motivation or behavior you want it it affect in them.

3. Manage the distribution:
Don't over invest in content and under invest in distribution. IT's also not about pushing it out like crazy on day one and leaving it, ensure the video is shared out over a longer period of time to maximize effectiveness.

4. Measure and attribute success:
Establish key metrics and KPIs to tie the video to business goals, to track and inform future campaigns. Make sure you have the systems in place to capture the relevant information, and know how to interpret the data that is generated.
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