Best Practices For Optimizing Twitter Promoted Tweets - #infographic

How to Optimize Promoted Tweets for Better Engagement - #infographic #Twitter #socialmedia

For many advertisers on Twitter, driving engagement with branded content is a key success metric, but what makes a Tweet engaging? In order to find out what features impact a Promoted Tweets performance, Twitter analyzed more than 80,000 Tweets, across 35,000 paid campaigns and 18 different advertiser verticals. Through this analysis, Twitter identified 6 data-driven best practices to help brands optimize their content for engagement.

Some key takeaways from the infographic:

Promoted tweets that include a hashtag generate 122 percent higher average engagement rates.

Similarly promoted tweets that include a photo saw a 306 percent higher engagement.

Adding an exclamation point in promoted tweets get 43 percent higher engagement.

How to Optimize Promoted Tweets for Greater Engagement - infographic

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