A Brief History Of Google (1997—2014) - #infographic

A Brief History Of Google (1997—2014) - #infographic
In a world where information is expected and demanded to be delivered at light speed Google is omnipresent in our lives. Not just; it is recognized as the most lucrative and powerful word organization, which can literally determined the destiny of a company by giving them ranking for their targeted queries. A high rank on Google search results can literally mean millions to a company.
Here's an infographic from fullestop that presents a timeline of Google’s Journey, Google history from 1997 to 2014, including an overview of some of its key acquisitions.

A Brief History Of Google (1997—2014) - #infographic
Some key takeaways:
On Sep 15th Google.com is registered as a domain.
In 2000 Google Adwords launched with 350 customers.
On April 2004 Gmail launched.
On Sept 2008 he browser Google Chrome becomes available for download.
On 2011 Google+ social network launched.
On May 2012 The knowledge Graph in Search is launched making it easier to discover information about things such as landmarks, celebrities, cities, sport teams, movies, works of art and more.
On may 2012 Google Plus hangouts became available worldwide.
On July 2014: Over 1.2 billion people have visited Google's sites since its foundation.
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