How To Maximize Customer Acquisition Via Growth Hacking - #infographic

5 Ways To Maximize Customer Acquisition Via Growth Hacking - #infographic

Are you a digital marketer and have a customer acquisition problem?

Then this post is just for you!

Referralcandy created this handy infographic that takes a closer look at how your company can acquire more customer by leveraging growth hacking strategies.

A key tip is:

Talk to your customers: Let them tell you how to position your product. As Andy Dunn CEO and Co-Founder of Bonobos says that —We did a survey of our 1,000 most enthusiastic customers. I only really cared about one thing: the freeform box with a 500-word limit that asked, “Why do you shop Bonobos?” I spent a weekend reading all responses. There were three things that stuck out and those became the three pillars of our brand: fit, fun and service.
5 Tips To Maximize Customer Acquisition With Growth Hacking Strategies - #infographic #marketing #GrowthHacking
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