Powerful Words That Will Help You Turn Everyday Copy Into Conversions - #infographic

Words And Phrases That (Almost) Always Convert [Infographic]

Creating persuasive copy is no easy task. Like any other marketing job, you need to rely on your skills, experience, and toolbox. However, you might be surprised by how effective certain deceptively simple words can be. What terminology has proven to be better for converting customers? How important are words for modern social media and content marketers? Get your answers and more in this infographic called Words And Phrases That (Almost) Always Convert, which comes courtesy of uberflip.

Words And Phrases That (Almost) Always Convert on Social Media [Infographic] - learn how to go viral on social media with these magic word formulas.

Key takeaway:
Here's what today's brands consider to be top-performing terms. Note that, even they've been proven to be high-converting, you must use them in the context that make sense to your audience, campaign, and brand.

Use these words if you want to make you content shareable:
Secret, Tell us, Inspire, Take, Help, Promote, Increase, Create Discover, Find out, Winner, Event, Share, Improved, Developed, See, Check out.
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