A Breakdown Of The 40 Minutes A Day The Average User Spends On Facebook - #infographic

How You Spend Your Time on Facebook [CHART]

According to a new study from Facebook, an average user spends 40 minutes on Facebook on a daily basis.
And this comic/chart from JoyofTech visualizes what exactly we do in those forty minutes.

The graphic shows that much of our time is spent trying to adjust our privacy settings and deciding whether or not "Liking" a sad or tragic post is the appropriate thing to do.

From trying to avoid the ads that appear in our news feed to typing out posts or replies (but then deleting them), this is how we spend our time on world's largest social network.

How We Spend Your Time on Facebook [CHART]

Do you think (sometimes) we waste too much of our time on social media?

Top image credit to MARILYN ROXIE Under CC by 2.0 LICENSE (modified version by techcrunch).
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