The Social Scene of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - #infographic

A Breakdown Of Facebook, Instagram And Twitter Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is a dynamic on our online lives. With 3 on 4 American adults through a social media site (or 2, 3 or 4), social networking hasn't just made its way into society—it's here to stay and on the go. But who's using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and where? And how has it changed over the years?
Take a look at this infographic from Microsoft to get the answers.
The Social Scene of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - infographic - Just Who Uses Social Media Sites? A Demographic Breakdown
You might not know the audiences of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as you thought you did.

Key takeaways from infographic:

71 percent of U.S. online adults use Facebook. It remains the most prominent and popular, though its users aren't who they used to be, In the lat year, the most notable trend is a severe decline in usage among teens, a demographic one considered the fuel of Facebook's growth.

18 percent of Americans use Twitter and more than 1/4 of the internet's African-American population is on the platform.

17 percent of online U.S adults use Instagram. But it's a primarily young audience, and its growing. more than 90 percent of Instagram users are under the age of 35. The platform's also picking up Facebook abandoners, as Instagram usage increased 12 percent among teens ages 13 to 17 between 2012 and 2013.

H/t : ibtimes.
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