Facebook, YouTube, GooglePlus, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram - 63 Social Media Stats 2014 - infographic

63 #SocialMedia Stats For 2014 - #infographic #marketing

Are you aligning social media to your business needs?

Perhaps you're looking to market your product to a global audience or boost brand exposure of your exciting new startup, and your smart brain feels that social networking sites could be a powerful way to do this.

But wait a second — with Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so many networks to choose from, where do you get started?

Which social media is right for your brand?

Fret not.

Here's an infographic from our pals at digitalinsights, that provides a clear picture of key stats and facts for major social media sites.

Some key statistics are:
23 percent of online time is spent on blogs and social media sites.
72 percent of online adults visit Facebook at least once a month.
Instagram has 200 Million monthly active users.
Weekends are the most popular time for Vine sharing.

There's more in the full visual take a look.

Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, GooglePlus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine - 63 #SocialMedia Stats For 2014 - #infographic #marketing

What is your favorite social media statistic? Tell me in comments.
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