The Timeline Of Google Plus - #infographic

What the future holds for Google Plus - infographic
Google Plus — The Google owned and operated social media network - has got mixed reviews since launching on June 28th, 2011. Some have embraced it, while other have stayed faithful to Facebook. Take a look at its journey to date and see what the future holds for Google+.

A key takeaway is: Google+ may not have success as anticipated in the social networking sphere, however, it has proved to be hugely successful for Google in driving the unification of Google products. Taking that into consideration, it's very bad to envision Google discontinuing the social network anytime soon.
June 28th 2014 marks the 3rd birthday of Google’s social media platform GooglePlus. At only three years old, it is still in its infancy yet it has faced the harshest of criticisms and ridicule at times of all the social networks. Check out the Timeline Of Google+  - infographic

Google+ turns 3 and this infographic from DPFOC featuring highlights of the social network’s 3-year history timeline.

Some fascinating stats from visuals:
The Google+ mobile app was used by 30 percent of smartphone users between April-June 2013, making it the fourth most used app.
Users spend on average 12 minutes per day on GooglePlus.
The Google +1 button is used 5 billion times per day.
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