The Science of Improving Engagement on YouTube - infographic

7 Tips for Improving Engagement on #YouTube - #infographic #socialmedia #marketing
Do you use YouTube as a part of your marketing strategy?

Are you wondering how to get more viewers and engagement for your YouTube channel?

To show you how can you increase viewer engagement with your YouTube videos Quicksprout designed an infographic that shows what exactly you need to do.

Some key takeaways:

Fill in the metadata: Fill out a detailed description of your video, with good headlines and strategically chosen tags, meta data is essential to your video being found by search engine users.

Select attractive thumbnails: In general, thumbnails increase engagement up to 154 percent, but individual results do vary. Pick something simple and beautiful (or shocking and intriguing!) to entice user to watch.

Make your videos the best length for your topic: In general, shorter is better for engagement, but there are expected. For instructional videos 4 -5 minutes is better than 30 minutes.
The Science of Improving Engagement on #YouTube - #infographic #socialmedia #contentmarketing
Top photo credit: Flickr, Rego Korosi.
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