YouTube Around The World - infographic

YouTube Around The World - #infographic #socialmedia
With 80 percent of traffic coming from outside of the U.S, 60 percent of viewers on YouTube come from countries whose primary language is not English. Where do they all come from? Why do they turn to YouTube for their content?
The below infographic from YTD will give you the skinny on these facts.

A snapshot of what you’ll find is that many YouTube viewers come from Saudi Arabia, where the younger generation turns to YouTube for entertainment because of strict government control over television programming. A great number hail from the United Kingdom, where music group One Direction’s VEVO YouTube channel has 12.8 million subscribers.

Next is Germany, even though 61.5 percent of videos are blocked there, and Australia, a country that uploads 48 hours of video every minute to YouTube. Finally, the land of the rising sun, Japan, boasts has 5.59 million users active on YouTube.
YouTube Around The World - #infographic #socialmedia

Hat tip to Jeremy S.
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