The Quest For Great Content - infographic

The Quest For Great Content - #infographic #contentmarketing
It's no secret that content marketing is an effective way for brands and marketers to reach new internet audience, however, just like any new and effective tactic, there are considerable growing pains that marketers are experiencing as they try to meet this growing demand.

Here's an infographic from Wpromote discussing some of the bottle necks content marketers are facing and offers some possible solutions and tips in the quest for more and great content.

A key highlight from infographic:
High quality content is in high demand, and marketers need a lot of it. however, very few companies have departments that are strictly responsible for producing the quality of content that they say plan on investing in. Introducing specialized content teams may be a solution.
The Quest For Great Content - #infographic #contentmarketing :At its core, investing in content marketing means more than just investing in content, it means investing in people and their creative strengths.
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