Search Engine Marketing Trends 2014 - infographic

Search Engine Marketing Trends 2014 - infographic
Internet giant Google continues to dominate the global search engine market (71 percent).
Search engine optimization remained the most popular marketing tactic among terms searched by people in 2013. It was 7 times more popular than other marketing methods like content marketing, inbound marketing and growth hacking, new report reveals.
A new infographic from Positionly shows nearly half of the internet marketing companies and brands will allocate bigger parts of their budgets in SEO, while more than half of surveyed companies declare a decrease. Although interest in mobile marketing gained popularity along the year, yet only 3 percent of marketing budget was allocated in mobile marketing.
Take a look at this infographic that visualized the search engine marketing industry in numbers with some recent algorithm updates, trends and outtakes for 2014 and beyond.

Search Engine Marketing Report 2014 - infographic
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